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Our Mission
To promote economic development in Benton County
so the county will grow and prosper.

Our Mission
To promote economic development in Benton County so the county will grow and prosper.

Get Involved
Become a member

Your participation is appreciated and encouraged.

The annual operating budget of the organization is projected at $150,000 annually. Consider becoming a member of the Benton Economic Partnership and supporting our efforts through your active participation in the organization as well as your monetary investment. Benton County has already committed $75,000 for 2016.

Fundraising efforts are now underway to recruit City andTownship members.

Now YOU have the privilege of shaping the economic direction of your county, community, and business by becoming involved in the work of the Benton Economic Partnership.

Founding investor with a one-time contribution of:
Silver $2,500
Gold $5,000
Platinum $10,000
Bank member with voting privileges (per bank size):
Deposits up to $50 million $500 annually
Deposits of $50 million to $100 million $750 annually
Deposits over $100 million $1,000 annually
Business member with voting privileges (per business size):
1-10 employees $300 annually
11-24 employees $500 annually
25-50 employees $750 annually
50 + employees $1,000 annually
Nonprofit organization, chamber of commerce, school district, or individual member with voting privileges: $250 annually
Utility provider (electric, natural gas, telecommunications, cable television/internet) member with voting privileges: $1,500 annually


Join us on a journey to make Benton County a great place to work, live and build your business. Like JFK would have said; Ask not what your county can do for you, ask what you can do for your county.
John Herges
John Herges Falcon National Bank
Benton County's future has never been brighter. We are poised to grow and prosper well into the 21st Century and beyond. This Economic Development Partnership that is being created will insure that we get there. We need your help! Please join us in the effort!
Montgomery Headley
Montgomery Headley Benton County Administrator
Successful economic development efforts take partnerships. Local governments, non-profits, chambers and businesses pooling their resources, energy, talent and passion to make a community better. Join us today and let’s get to work.

We Need Your Support

We need your financial support to sustain this organization. Join us in a partnership with your fellow Benton County businesses, cities, townships and the County to bring this organization to life and keep it viable over the long-term.